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Answer the questions below so we can best prepare for your event.

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Your Name
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Date of Event
This will be on the video and print banner.
These colors will be used in the 4x6 print banner. If you have swatches or hex numbers, please provide those here or in a separate email.
We will arrive an hour before you would like us to start to begin setting up the booth.
Do you require early set up or idle time? *
Early setup means that we arrive early to set up the booth but we don't start operating until designated time. Idle time means that we start the booth at a designated time, stop the booth, and then continue operation at a later time during the night. If you would like us to arrive more than an hour before start time or stop the Motion Booth from running, there is a $25/HR fee.
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We'll add you as a CC on each email that is sent through the night. Keep in mind, your guests will likely blow up your inbox.
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It is best if the booth can be in a space that is at least 12"x12' and is in a place where guests can see it. If setup outside, we require a tent or covered area to setup under. Power must be located within 20ft of booth.