The Photo Booth's Cooler Cousin

You make the moves,
We make the Movie

Motion Booth captures the movement of your wedding, shower or event.gif

Jump In

Grab your ten closest friends (proximity-wise or lifelong) and pack in like sardines. If you weren’t close before, you will be after.


Bust a Move

Treat the booth like your own personal stage. Like a theatre major who just moved to NYC.

Michigan wedding booth with motion, stop motion videos of your wedding or event.gif

Create Motion

Just. Be. Crazy. Dance, sing, twirl, and whirl! It’s like starring in your own feature film.

Michigan photo booth with motion, share the stop motion videos of your wedding or event.jpg

Share the Groove

Instant gratification! Step out of the booth and dance on over to the iPad to view your video. Send the video to your phone. Upload it to social media. Go viral.* Or, you can print your photos old school style for nostalgia’s sake!

*While hopeful, not guaranteed.



Scale of 1-10, How excited are you to book the Motion Booth?!